Job Recruitment

Netstratum screens the best local talent available in the market and recruit to the clients based on their requirements. In job recruitment process, the candidates are assed for their skills and expertise in today’s competitive marketplace. We have a talented team of recruiting and technical specialists to supply expert talents within short span of time.


Recruitment Services

Candidate Search

Searching right candidates based on the skills, values and ethos you want your business and the employees to promote.


Grading the eligible candidates based on the requirements.

Candidate Evaluation

Qualitative and Quantitate evaluation based on the recruitment plan.

Background Research

Previous reports on conduct and performance of the candidates.

Interview Scheduling

Scheduling different levels of interviews based on the recruitment plan.

Reference Checking

Collecting inputs from the colleagues and superiors from the previous company.

Salary Negotiation

Mutual agreement of salaries based on the skill sets of the employees, industry standards and budget of the company.

Preparing and Closing Offers

Contract review, documentation of employee recruitment report.