Call Blast

Call Blast is a cloud based hosted Application developed to send a pre recorded message (IVR) calls to a group of people at a scheduled time. The main advantage is to bring down the effort of person who dials and deliver same message to different people. No phone lines required. Make 100+ simultaneous calls. Just pay per second. Manage your call blast (setting start dates, calling times, etc.) is done with point-and-click ease.


A cloud-based phone system with full featured Hosted IP Solution that delivers an enterprise-grade phone system to small and medium-sized businesses without any increase in support staff. Robust, highly scalable, Multi tenant

Business Phone Features

Record your own customized greeting message using a virtual receptionist

Experience a high quality, more natural-sounding voice with HD calling

Accept calls on whichever device you have next to you

Use your smartphone as your office phone when you are away from work

Forward all your calls when you are not available on your extension

Use interactive dashboards to perform various activities on a single page

Complete solution for VoIP companies to monitor call rates, routes and connectivity across multiple business channels in a single dashboard.

Built with lite weight php framework Yii.

Vixy is a SIP softphone for iPhone and Android. Built on top of PJSIP.

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