About Call Blast

Call Blast  is a cloud based hosted Application developed to send a pre recorded message (IVR) calls to a group of people at a scheduled time. The main advantage is to bring down the effort of person who dials and deliver same message to different people. No phone lines required. Make 100+ simultaneous calls. Just pay per second. Manage your call blast (setting start dates, calling times, etc.) is done with point-and-click ease. Call blast work flow


  • Address book
  • Time zone selection
  • Record message from web page directly.
  • Approval calls before blasting
  • Resend approval calls
  • Reports with failed calls
  • Auto retires 3 times
  • Unsubscribe list
  • No line limitation
  • Pay per second

Industries which can benefit

  • Social Communities
  • Schools / Colleges / Universities
  • Railways / Airlines
  • Tele marketing / Surveys
  • Government Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Any institutions where group announcement required

Pricing List

1. One time setup fee – $100 FREE

2. Call rates vary from country to country

Sample calling rates in USD

Country Rate
India 0.01
USA 0.01
UAE 0.13
Saudi Arabia 0.08
Kuwait 0.05
Qatar 0.16
Contact us for latest rates and rates for other countries.

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